San Bartolomeo’s cellars have been making wine for over 20 years, since Falciani family has personally managed the business, taking careful choices in respect for the land and its traditions.

Each havest,  is a new challenge  to achive quality margins.

San Bartolomeo’s cellars are located in the heart of Toscany, few kilometers from Siena village where the native grapes Prugnolo Gentile , Canaiolo and Mammolo can grow at their best.

This inspiration came from the heart , long time ago, since Mr Pierino Falciani in the ‘70 started the hard work of projecting, implanting and settling the vineyard into a soil mainly made of pliocenica mixed with clay and sand.

It’s a priceless satisfaction giving birth to a grape and watching it growing day by day and we want to share this satisfaction by giving to the pubblic the best from our bottles. The obiective for the future is to consolidate the distinctive character of our wines, tha will be produced during the future harvests.